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Top 5 ways to spend your lottery jackpot

A trip around the world and a mansion on a private island, that’s just one way to spend millions of dollars. Do you have a plan for when you hit big and millions land in your bank account? We took some time to look at the best ways to spend a lottery jackpot, and here are the top 5 ways that made the list.

Can TV shows like Lost help players predict winning lottery numbers?

We all have our favourite TV show, so when it eventually mentions winning lottery numbers players can’t help but sit up and take note. Even though these fictional ‘winning numbers’ were most likely pulled from a hat by a screenwriter, you can’t help but feel some luck radiating from them. So which TV shows have made lottery players winners and which shows have predicted lottery numbers? Let’s find out together.

Lottery tips every player should know

Every lottery player has their own tip or trick that they swear by. Whether it’s the way players pick their numbers or the lottery they play, players believe that their special trick is what will make them a millionaire. Someone has to win the jackpot and it could be you! Here are some of the tips and tricks players swear by.

True or false, you can win the lottery anonymously?

Lottery winners are also celebrities, from the moment they win that jackpot their names will be seen online, in newspapers and sometimes even television. People around the world will quickly get to know everything about them. Where they live, where they work and how much they’ve won. But do all winners really want their personal information out there for anyone to read? While some might enjoy it, others can’t imagine anything worse. So can winners remain anonymous when they win the lottery? Let’s find out together.
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