Cash, Bonus and Vouchers; here’s the account balance dictionary every player needs

So many numbers and so many terms, what do they all mean and how can you use them?

You’ve been on a winning streak lately, you have cash, bonuses and vouchers staring at you in your account balance, but what do these numbers actually mean? You might remember how you won them, but now how do you redeem them and what games are they valid for? We’re here to set the record straight and help you navigate your way through the amounts you’re seeing on your screen. Welcome to our account balance dictionary, let’s get right to it.

Types of winnings

Your account balance is a build-up of various prizes collected from playing the lottery, instant win games, participating in raffles and other promotional offers. Every player can potentially win up to three types of prizes; cash, bonuses and vouchers. The game you play determines the prize you’ll potentially win and the type of prize you win will determine how you can redeem it. Let’s break this down even further and explore each type of prize.

Cash, Bonus and Vouchers; here’s the account balance dictionary every player needs

  1. Cash

    Cash consists of money you have acquired from various sources. This is mainly from:

    • Money you have deposited yourself.

    • Winnings from Instant Win Games, Scratchcards and Keno: these winnings will automatically credit to your cash balance and can be withdrawn upon reaching the minimum withdrawal amount.

    • Winnings from lottery or raffles which you redeemed to play credits.

  2. Bonus

    This account balance often refers to prizes redeemed through special promotions ran by This balance will mainly build up from:

    • Cashback offers: (e.g. you deposit 100 and get 100 free). You will walk away with a bonus balance of 100 and a cash balance of 100. In total, you can play for 200!

    • LottoPoints expiring – if you’re in the Silver tier or higher and you do not convert your points before your loyalty cycle ends, you are credited with bonus credits.

    • Redeeming winnings from a lottery: (e.g. you redeem 100 in winnings and you get a top-up bonus of 25%). You then receive 100 in your cash balance and 25 in your bonus balance.

    • Bonus triggers: depending on the promotion running at the time, your account will be credited with a bonus if you use a specific payment method. To make the deal even sweeter, we’ll give you an extra 5% bonus if you use Entropay to settle your account.

  3. Voucher

    Vouchers act as a token to play 1 entry for 1 specified lottery. You can have and use several different vouchers for several different lotteries. Here’s how you can accumulate them:

    • Redeem LottoPoints as vouchers: this option will only be available to you if you’re in a Silver tier or higher.

    • When you participate in bonus offers: this is commonly referred to as the buy/get offers, think about the “Buy 3 SuperEna Max tickets and get 1 USA Powerball FREE!”.

    • If you played in the last 6 months, we’ll credit you with a free voucher on your birthday. Happy Birthday from us to you!

    • If you participated in the Welcome Offer, you will be credited with vouchers.

The next time you look at your account balance you’ll know exactly what it means! If you have any other questions about your account, feel free to contact our Customer Support Team, consult our lottery dictionary or simply leave a comment below. Good Luck to all our players, we hope the numbers in your account balance keeps growing.

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Posted by PRADIP (1/02/2018)

i can see cash , bonus etc., thanks for the information.

Posted by Zeljko (2/02/2018)

I am almost always using cashback offers.

Posted by Zeljko (3/02/2018)

I was always changing winnings for a vouchers, but now that is not possible for some time.

Posted by PRADIP (6/02/2018)

thank u for that information.

Posted by Amos (7/02/2018)

now i know

Posted by PRADIP (7/02/2018)

good things u r introducing.

Posted by PRADIP (8/02/2018)

today i have match only 1 german lotto, rest 3 nos. just next no.

Posted by Tatyana (8/02/2018)


Posted by PRADIP (9/02/2018)

after winning voucher will show, but when ?

Posted by PlayHugeLotto (12/02/2018)

We're so happy to hear that everyone is loving the info! Keep playing and goodluck!

Posted by PlayHugeLotto (12/02/2018)

Hi there PRADIP, such a great question. The date that you receive your voucher depends on the promotion that is running. Please check your T's and C's or contact our Customer Support for more info, they'd love to help!

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