Did someone order a supersized Powerball?

The jackpot’s supersized with this month’s Powerball Superdraw!

The Powerball Superdraw is here! And it’s happening on February 14th, right on the day of love. Who needs a date, a significant other or a partner for the night when you could win the Powerball Superdraw! Why not show yourself some love this Valentine's Day and take a shot at winning this massive jackpot? Whether you’re taking a shot at love, or you taking your shot at a new bank balance, there’s an option for everyone this February. Today we’re looking at one of the most loved lotteries in the world and finding out how this lottery turned into the love of people’s lives.

Powerball origins

Who knew that Powerball wasn’t the original game? In 1988 Lotto*America began and served as Powerball’s predecessor. Much like the game we have today, it was a multi-state game but this game only had one set of numbers to choose from.

In 1992 Powerball was launched and changed the way lotto lovers played the game. Powerball became the first game to use two drums to draw numbers. The new two-drum system allows for higher odds of winning the jackpot and numerous prize levels. As a bonus, players can solely match the Powerball number, one number, and still become a winner.

Powerball evolution

Powerball evolution

Over the years, various other lotteries have been created that mimic the Powerball structure. To name a few, these lotteries include Mega Millions, Australia’s Powerball and Eurojackpot. The invention of these lotteries now brings major jackpots to various other parts of the world.

While a host of other lotteries have popped up over the years, Powerball holds the record for the highest jackpot ever won. Sitting at a monumental $1.586 billion, January 13, 2016 marks the date as the day the highest jackpot in history was won.

How to play

Powerball is structured using a two-drum system. Every player will select 6 numbers in total, 5 numbers from the white set and 1 number from the red powerballs. If players match all 6 numbers they win the jackpot. But things are not that clear-cut, if a player only matches the powerball, that player will still win. Powerball prizes work on a tier system, the amount of numbers you match determines the amount of money you’ll win.

Sometimes there’s no winner as no one matched the numbers that were drawn. But that’s not a bad thing, it simply means that the jackpot rolls over and keeps accumulating. A rolled over jackpot equals a much larger jackpot for you to win on the following draw day. Same odds, bigger prize value!

Powerball Superdraw

Powerball SuperdrawSo what’s the fuss about the Powerball Superdraw? This one will not roll over, but in this case, that’s exactly what you want, because the gigantic number you see is the number you’ll win.

As a bonus, here at PlayHugeLottos.com we’re making it easy for you to become a winner. Simply pick and click and you’ll put yourself in line to win this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in line purchasing roses for date night or still deciding what to get, give yourself the gift of a Powerball ticket. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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Posted by Zeljko (8/02/2018)

I read it carefully but I could not detect how big will this Powerball superdraw be?

Posted by PRADIP (9/02/2018)

power ball is also surprise game.

Posted by PlayHugeLotto (12/02/2018)

Hey there Zeljko! The jackpot is sitting at a whopping $401 million!

Posted by Leyla (2/04/2018)

Good news

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