What is SuperEna Max?

SuperEna Max is an exclusive lottery based on SuperEna Lotto - the most popular lottery in Italy. Both lotteries use the same draw to determine their winning numbers, but SuperEna Max jackpots are often a lot higher!

SuperEna Max is only available for purchase at a few selected online retailers, which adds to the exclusivity of this fascinating lottery. Luckily, PlayHugeLottos.com is one of the retailers that allow you to enter SuperEna Max. SuperEna Max has always been one of the most popular lotteries amongst our players due to the fixed jackpot amounts, exclusive ‘special occasion’ jackpots, and regular jackpots that frequently surpass €100 million.

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History of SuperEna Max

The first SuperEna Max draw took place in 2014. It was initially started as a way to boost the winnings of SuperEna Lotto, but quickly became a world-renowned lottery in its own right.

SuperEna Max is also an Italian lottery, like it’s sister lottery (SuperEna Lotto), but you can now enter both of these lotteries from anywhere in the world thanks to online lottery websites like PlayHugeLottos.com!

What is SuperEna Max?

How does SuperEna Max work?

SuperEna Max has a starting jackpot of €76.5 million that rolls over after every draw if it is not won. If there are no jackpot winners after 11 SuperEna Max draws in a row, then the first prize jackpot rolls down to the starting jackpot of €76.5 million again. As a result of this, players need to make sure to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ and try to enter as much as they can when the jackpot is high.

How to Play SuperEna Max

SuperEna Max is, of course, based on SuperEna Lotto, so the gameplay structure and draw work exactly the same. First, you need to select your 6 lucky numbers from a range of numbers between 1 and 90. Then you need to purchase your entry and wait for the SuperEna Lotto draw.

What is SuperEna Max?

Why for the SuperEna Lotto draw? The numbers chosen in the SuperEna Lotto draw are the same numbers used as the winning numbers for SuperEna Max. There are no number draws done especially for SuperEna Max, so the numbers drawn will always match those of the SuperEna Lotto draw.

SuperEna Max Draw Dates

As previously mentioned, the winning numbers for SuperEna Max are the same as the winning numbers for the official SuperEna Lotto draw that takes place on the same date. Therefore, the draw dates are the same for both of these Italian lotteries. The SuperEna Lotto and SuperEna Max draw takes place three times per week. The draws are on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 19:30 (Central European Time) and take place live in Rome, Italy.

What is SuperEna Max?

SuperEna Max Prize Structure

SuperEna Max prizes are split into 5 tiers. The first two tiers are set and the last 3 tiers depend on the amount of winners in the tier and what sum the jackpot prize is at. There are 7 numbers drawn during the live draws instead of only the 6 needed to win the jackpot. The 7th number is called the “Jolly Number” and has no purpose other than to qualify you for the tier 2 prize if you match it.

The SuperEna Max prize tiers are as follows:

  • Match 6 numbers – Jackpot (minimum €76.5 million)
  • Match 5 plus the “Jolly Number” – €1 million
  • Match 5 - draw dependant
  • Match 4 - draw dependant
  • Match 3 - draw dependant

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